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We'll walk you through every aspect of product photography in this online course, from understanding your camera to lighting techniques and post-production. Our step-by-step and practical photography course is designed for beginners and experienced photographers alike.

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Sell Your Skill to Your Dream Clients

Learn How You Can Sell Your Skill To The Industry

In our product photography masterclass, we won't just teach you how to click the perfect shot but also how to sell it in the industry. You'll gain insights into building and presenting your portfolio that stands out.

Live Weekly Q&A

Get All the Answers You Want

Do you have questions or need clarification on our product photography course? We're here for you. Join our live weekly Q&A sessions to interact with your photography course mentor. It's your chance to seek guidance, share experiences, and build a supportive community of like-minded photographers.

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Upcoming Update: Photography With AI

Revisit lessons and updates at your own pace. Stay current with industry trends and continue refining your skills with this amazing product photography online course. Your journey to photography excellence never ends with lifetime access.

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Ongoing Lessons
Product Photography Basics

Basics of Product Photography

Lay a solid foundation by exploring the essentials of product photography with this course. Master the basics that every great photographer should know.

live q&a

Creative Product Photography

Learn innovative techniques to capture captivating product images. From lighting tricks to composition secrets, discover how to infuse your unique style and become a professional.

post production photography

Post Production

Upgrade your work with the power of post-processing. Understand how to enhance and refine your images to perfection.

product photography business

Product Photography Business

It's not just art; it's a business too. Uncover the secrets of selling your skill to your dream client in the product photography masterclass.

Product Photography With AI Home Page

Product Photography With AI

Step into the future of product photography with our “Photography with AI” course! Discover how technology and creativity merge to redefine visual storytelling.

live q&a

Live Q&A

Get answers to your burning questions. Join live Q&A sessions with industry experts to deepen your knowledge and address your specific concerns.

What Sets FDS Masterclass Apart?

In this product photography course, our focus isn't solely on teaching you the art of photography; it's about ensuring you acquire a skill that's profitable.
Unmatched Expertise
Learn from the industry experts who have worked with the clients you want to work with. Gain insights and techniques in this photography course and beat the competition.
It's not just about learning; it's about building a rewarding career. In our product photography classes, we'll guide you on how to sell your product photography skills to your dream prospects.
how to monetize your passion

Learn the Art of Portfolio Presentation and Skill Selling

Photography should be more than just a hobby. Our product photography masterclass is designed to show you how to monetize your passion for photography.

Masterclass Curriculum

Class 1: Begin with Basics & Single Light Magic

Class 2: Advanced Lighting & Background Mastery

Class 3: Unleash Your Creativity & Camera Skills

Class 4: Flat Lay – Cutlery Photography

Class 5: Jewellery Photography

Class 6: Shoes Photography

Class 7: Glass bottles Photography

Class 8: Food product Photography

Class 9: Home appliances Photography

Class 10: Gifting Photography

Class 11: Splash Photography

Class 12: Post-Production: Photoshop advance learning for the photographer

Class 13: How to prepare yourself (mindset)

Class 14: Deadlines means & Scheduling

Class 15: Difference between Marketing & Branding Photography

Class 16: What is the Price Structure

Class 17: How to Make the Portfolio

Class 18: Hair Cut & Appearance

Class 19: Working on the Brief

Class 20: Props and Problem-Solving

Class 21: Planning & Workflow

Class 22: Marketing Strategies to Sell Your Skill

Unlock Your Photographic Potential

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Pradeep Soman
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The video on water splashing in product photography was great! It explained everything clearly, and the visuals made it easy to follow. I found the tips practical and got inspired to try them myself. The video quality was good, and I look forward to more content like this. Awesome job!
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I have been doing product photography for a long time but I have forgotten a few things like setting, lighting, lens, composition etc. After the course I was reminded of everything so my experience is very good, all my doubts also got cleared or sir after talking With you on live some issues also got cleared. And one more thing sir keep making more videos on new topics so that I can develop more new things myself. Thank you so much sir
Digvijay Raj Saxena
Read More
Very useful & informative class
Read More
Hello friends, my name is Satish, and I recently joined the FDS masterclasses. Today's discussion in the weekly Q&A session was quite fruitful, especially regarding studio lights. There were many questions about lights, and Manish sir provided quite brief answers. I also gained a lot of understanding about other attachments. So, I am grateful to Manish sir for this fruitful discussion.
Vaibhav Patil
Read More
Sir first time kisine explain kiya hain shi tarike se
What You Will Have From Masterclass?
Sharpen your eyes and creativity to capture amazing product images.
Discover simplified product photography secrets for quick understanding and instant use.
Equip yourself to confidently tackle any product photography task with newfound skills.
Discover how to attract clients, secure high-paying projects, and build a successful career.
Stay current with industry trends and continue refining your skills with the updated content.

Learn a skill, and discover how to market it.

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