5 Best Product Photography AI Tools in 2024

5 Best Product Photography AI Tools in 2024

Welcome to the exciting world of product photography in 2024, where artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the game! With e-commerce booming, showing off your products in the best way possible is super important. But guess what? AI makes it easier than ever!

So, the first question we asked was, can AI generate product photos? Well, not completely on their own but AI tools do help us create awesome product photos without all the hard work. They make editing faster and recognize images smarter. This means we can be more creative and get better results in less time. With this thought, we went into the search for the best product photography AI tool and we shortlisted some.

Let’s take a closer look at 5 remarkable AI tools for product photography that are changing the game in the industry.

5 Best AI Tools for Product Photography in 2024

Weshop AI

Weshop AI​

Introducing WeshopAI, the ultimate solution for hassle-free product photography! With WeshopAI, you can easily create stunning product mockups and scene simulations using the power of AI. Say goodbye to the stress of setting up complicated photoshoots—simply upload your product image, and WeshopAI will take care of the rest.

We have used it ourselves and found it quite useful especially if you are under budget and want to create some model using or holding your products. Though the quality won’t be the best on the first try for under-budget photographers, it is quite helpful.

WeshopAI offers both free and paid plans to suit your needs. With the free plan, you’ll enjoy limited functionalities, including a set number of mockups per month with watermarks and lower-resolution downloads.

For more features and flexibility, consider upgrading to a paid subscription starting from just around $10/month. With paid plans, you’ll get higher mockup quotas, access to more scene templates and customization options, and higher resolution downloads.

Flair AI

Flair AI​

Next on the list of best product photography AI tools is Flair AI. Say goodbye to boring photo editing tasks with this. This AI-powered visual editor is specifically designed for product photography. With Flair AI, you can drag and drop your product image and use AI to add backgrounds, adjust lighting and shadows, create multi-angle shots, and enhance existing photos. The tool offers both free trials and paid subscription plans starting from around $15/month

You can try it for free with a trial. But if you want more cool stuff, there are paid plans starting from around $15/month. With paid plans, you get more edits, access to cool backgrounds and props, and extra features like batch editing.



Introducing Pebbley, your go-to tool for perfect product photo backgrounds! Pebbley knows how important backgrounds are, so they’ve made it easy to create amazing ones with AI magic. You get a bunch of cool backgrounds to choose from, with different styles and textures. Plus, you can tweak colours and lighting to match your brand’s look, so Pebbley has to be on the list of best product photography AI tools.

You can try Pebbley for free, but if you want more, there are paid plans starting from around $9/month. With paid plans, you get more background options, no watermarks, and cool customization features.

Stylized by Canva


Get ready to upgrade your product photos with Canva’s latest offering: Stylized. Canva has always been a go-to for designers, and now they’re stepping up their game with AI-powered photo editing tools. With Stylized, you can apply all sorts of cool filters, effects, and colour adjustments to give your product images that extra magic touch.

While you can access some basic features for free on Canva, unlocking the full range of Stylized features requires a Canva Pro subscription, starting from around $12/month. With Canva Pro, you’ll get access to many additional editing tools and a vast library of design elements. So, if you’re ready to take your product photos to the next level, give Stylized a try with Canva Pro!

Photo AI

Photo AI​

Last but certainly not least on our shortlisted best AI product photography tools, we have Photo AI. With its promise of stunning realism, Photo AI lets you create product images with the exact quality you’re looking for. Just give it relevant prompts and upload your photos, and watch as it works its magic! Whether you’re running a small business or a big corporation, Photo AI has got you covered.

While there’s no free trial available for Photo AI, upgrading to a paid plan unlocks a bunch of awesome features. You’ll get credits to use and access to additional perks like creating more AI characters and getting higher photo resolution.


These Product Photography AI tools are revolutionizing the industry as we know it. Say goodbye to costly photoshoots and endless hours of manual editing! With WeshopAI, Flair AI, Pebbley, Stylized by Canva, and Photo AI, creating beautiful product images is faster and more affordable than ever before. Don’t hesitate—welcome the future of product photography today!

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