Best Background Ideas For Jewellery Photography

Best Background Ideas For Jewellery Photography

Jewellery photography is an art form that demands attention to detail, precision in lighting, and a keen eye for aesthetics. One of the critical elements that can upgrade your jewellery photography is the background.

In this blog, we will solve the secrets behind selecting the best backgrounds that not only enhance the features of your jewellery but also make them irresistibly desirable.

Why Is The Background So Important In Jewellery Photography?

Before we dive into the best background ideas for jewellery photography, let’s understand why the backdrop plays an important role in jewellery photography.



A well-chosen background creates a contrast that makes your jewellery pop. It highlights the uniqueness of each piece, ensuring that every complex detail is highlighted. This brings all of the attention to the tiny details of the design and show-off the skilled craftsmanship done of that piece of jewellery which automatically makes it look more expensive and valuable.

Mood And Aesthetics

The background sets the mood for your jewellery. Whether you’re aiming for classic elegance or contemporary boldness, the background contributes to the overall aesthetics of the piece and plays an important role in setting the mood for the entire photoshoot.

Brand Consistency

Consistency in background choices across your collection builds a recognizable brand image, many brands have their signature colour and style that is used in the background to maintain their image and bring a little bit of uniformity. It adds a professional touch and shows a consistent visual identity.

Now that you understand why background is so important in jewellery photography, let’s explore some of the best background ideas for jewellery photography.

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6 Best Jewellery Photography Background Ideas

White Background

white background

A white background acts as a blank canvas, offering a clean setting. This simplicity allows for a clear focus on the jewellery, making sure that every detail, no matter how light, is showcased with clarity. To learn more about white background photography, you can learn here: white background photoshoot.

Benefits: Timeless and versatile.
Best Suited For: Diamonds, pearls, and classic gold or silver pieces.
Why: White background ensures that your jewellery takes centre stage without distractions.

Black Background

Black Background

Black background, the model of classiness in jewellery photography. Black background in product photography turns each piece into a star, highlighting sparkle and complex details. The contrast adds glamour, making every photo a smart and sophisticated masterpiece.

Benefits: Bold and Dynamic
Best Suited For: Diamonds, and classic gold or silver pieces.
Why: Black background gives a very luxurious and clean look. It also works great with minimalistic jewellery.

Ambience Photography


Ambience photography is a genre that focuses on capturing the atmosphere and mood of a particular environment or setting. It goes beyond just simply clicking product pictures and aims to bring the overall feeling and mood of a place.

In jewellery photography, ambience plays an important role in setting the stage for the pieces. By carefully choosing the surrounding environment, lighting, and background elements, ambience photography improves the overall visual storytelling, adding depth and context to the jewellery.

Whether it’s a quiet natural setting, a refined studio ambience, or a thematic backdrop, ambience photography creates a beautiful context that completes and upgrades the beauty of your jewellery.

You can learn ambience jewellery photography with live shoot here on our premium videos: jewellery photography

Benefits: Gives character to the jewellery
Best Suited For: Any type of jewellery
Why: It gives some context to the product, making it look more lively and full of personality.

Seasonal And Festive

Seasonal And Festive

Using backgrounds that match the season or a special occasion can make your jewellery photos look extra special and in tune with the moment. Whether it’s fall colours, winter vibes, or lively holiday scenes, these backgrounds capture the feel of the season or event.

The themed backdrops make your jewellery stand out by connecting it to specific times of the year. It’s not just about looking good; it’s about fitting in perfectly with different events and celebrations. This adds a whole new level of flexibility to how you can showcase your jewellery and connect with your audience. If you want to learn thematic photography, click here: thematic photography

Benefits: Aligns with trends and occasions.
Best Suited For: Seasonal collections or festive jewellery.
Why: Matching backgrounds to seasons or occasions adds relevance and relatability, appealing to the current priorities of your audience.

Model Photography

Model photography is all about taking pictures of people, especially professional models, in different poses, places, and styles. In jewellery photography, models act like a moving canvas, showing off how the jewellery looks on a real person.

Using models helps us present jewellery in a more complete way, showing how it looks and feels when it’s worn. Models also bring a lifestyle vibe to the jewellery, making it more personal and relatable. By using models, we can create emotions, show the size of the jewellery, and make a connection between the audience and the beautiful pieces, making the whole jewellery collection even more appealing.

Benefits: Gives context
Best Suited For: Bridal Jewellery
Why: It gives a human touch to the jewellery and enables consumers to visualize how it will look while wearing it.

Minimalist And Maximalist Background

We can divide all the backgrounds used for jewellery photography into two parts, minimalist and maximalist. In the context of jewellery photography, the choice between minimalist and maximalist backgrounds plays a significant role in shaping the visual appeal of the product. Here’s how each approach can be applied:`

Minimalistic Background For Jewellery Photography

  • Essence: Minimalism in the background keeps the focus on the jewellery itself. It avoids distractions, allowing the viewer to concentrate on the details and craftsmanship of the piece.

  • Color Palette: Neutral tones like white, black, or soft greys are commonly used. These colours create a clean, sophisticated backdrop that complements various types of jewellery.

  • Space and Layout: Open space and simplicity help highlight the jewellery’s elegance. Minimalistic backgrounds often use flat surfaces to showcase the pieces without competing elements.

  • Materials and Textures: Smooth and subtle textures are preferred. A sleek surface, such as a white table or acrylic sheet, can provide a reflective and minimalist background.

  • Art and Decor: Limited or no additional decor is used. The jewellery itself becomes the focal point, and any supporting elements are carefully chosen to improve rather than distract.

Maximalist Background For Jewellery Photography

  • Essence: Maximalism in the background introduces vibrancy and character. It allows for a more detailed storytelling approach, associating the jewellery with a specific theme or atmosphere.

  • Colour Palette: A broader and bolder colour palette can be used. Rich shades or even patterned backgrounds can add drama and create a unique visual narrative for the jewellery.

  • Space and Layout: Maximalist backgrounds often involve layering and detailed arrangements. This style allows for more creativity in composition, incorporating additional props or thematic elements.

  • Materials and Textures: Diverse textures and materials can be added to the background. For example, a maximalist approach may involve using textured fabrics, vintage books, or decorated surfaces.

  • Art and Decor: Maximalism encourages the addition of various decorative elements. This could include flowers, accessories, or thematic props that complement the jewellery piece and contribute to a more immersive setting.


In the world of jewellery photography, the background isn’t just a backdrop; it’s like the background music to a story, helping define how people see your creations. Whether you go for simple colours, exciting themes, interesting textures, or backgrounds that match the season, each choice adds to the charm of your jewellery.

Feel free to play around, try new things, and let your backgrounds be the quiet storytellers of the amazing tales your jewellery wants to share. Keep an eye out for more helpful tips and insights from the FDS Masterclass as we keep exploring the fascinating realm of product photography.

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