What is Product Photography? Everything You Need to Know

What is Product Photography? Everything You Need to Know

What is Product Photography?

The simplest version of Product photography definition will be that it is all about taking pictures of items that are up for sale. It’s like the snapshot of that cool gadget or stylish pair of shoes you see online. You’ve probably noticed these images while scrolling through your favorite shopping websites—they’re the ones that make you want to click and explore more.

Also called commercial photography, these pictures have a special job: to make people want to buy the stuff they show. It’s not just about taking any picture; it’s about making the product look so awesome that you can’t resist wanting it. These photos show every little detail and cool feature of the product, giving you a complete picture of what you might be buying.

Imagine you’re shopping for a new phone or a trendy dress. Sure, you might read some information about it, but let’s be honest—the picture is what grabs your attention first. That’s where product photographers come in. They have a big responsibility. It’s not just about snapping pictures; it’s about making those pictures look amazing and showing off all the great things about the product.

So, if you’re thinking about becoming a product photographer, there’s more to it than just clicking a button on a camera. You need to make sure your photos are top-notch, showing the product in the best light possible.

Now, let’s see in detail what it means to be a product photographer,

Product photographers pay close attention to the little things

Whether it’s the tiny details like a zipper on a dress or the cool design of a new laptop, they don’t miss a beat. Their job is not just to take pictures but to make the products look amazing and influence people to buy them.

Knowing the right angles is crucial for product photographers

Knowing the angles and capturing products from all the best angles is very important too for a product photographer. This is super important, especially for small things that can be tricky to photograph.

Understanding the vision is another skill in their toolbox

Brands, product makers, or small business owners often hire product photographers. But here’s the catch – the photographers don’t always get to choose how they take the pictures. They need to listen to what the client wants and make it happen. 

Sometimes they’re part of discussions with the client or creative director, figuring out the best way to bring the vision to life. But having complete freedom to be super creative is a rare treat.

Being good at styling is like the secret weapon of product photographers

While not every job needs it, sometimes they’re asked to help style a product. If a product photographer is skilled in both taking awesome pictures and making things look stylish, they can create images that not only show off the product but also make it look so good that people want to buy it. Think of it like a picture of a couch on a plain white background versus the same couch in a fully styled living room with pillows, blankets, and other cool stuff.

Types of Product Photography

Product photography comes in various flavours, and if you’re aiming to dive into this exciting field, it’s handy to be familiar with the different types of product photography. While many photographers are well-versed in all styles, some may have a preference for specific approaches.

Individual Shots

Individual Shots​

First up is the individual shot – the VIP of product photography. This star photo takes centre stage in catalogs, websites, product pages, and even in newsletters. It’s a solo act, showcasing one product in a clean, crisp, and attention-grabbing manner, aiming to captivate without being overly distracting.

Group Shots

Group Shots​

Moving group shots, come into play when clients want to showcase a collection of products together. Imagine gift boxes or product kits that need to be captured in a single frame. Knowing how to arrange these items in a visually appealing way is a skill every product photographer should have. It’s like creating a visual story that highlights the harmony between different products.

Lifestyle Shots

Lifestyle Shots​

Lifestyle shots are where a photographer’s styling skills come into play. These images go beyond just showcasing the product; they tell a story of how the product fits into someone’s life. It could be a man confidently wearing his new jeans during a casual stroll or a woman happily working on her new computer in a cozy cafe setting. Working with models often becomes part of the game here, so having some background in portrait or editorial photography adds an extra layer of expertise.

Scale Shots

Scale Shot

Scale shots are another essential aspect of product photography. Since customers can’t physically touch the product, understanding its size becomes crucial. Product photographers tackle this challenge by strategically placing products in scenes that give customers a sense of their dimensions. Here, styling skills come into play again, enhancing the overall visual appeal while providing a clear understanding of the product’s size.

Detailed Shots

For tiny things like jewellery or little gadgets such as earbuds, detailed shots are a must. These shots need to be super clear because blurry pictures just won’t do. To make these shots awesome, you’ve got to know all about lighting and camera settings, and on top of that, you will need to put up some of your imagination magic with a macro lens, to capture the tiniest details.

To learn more about lighting and camera settings for detailed shots like jewellery, you can watch this video Jewellery Photography

Packaging Shots

Sometimes, you might also have to snap pictures of the packaging. Not every product needs this, but for some customers, it’s a big deal. They want to see what the packaging looks like because it’s part of the whole buying experience. 

This is especially true for brands selling cool subscription boxes. The box itself becomes a cool part of the whole deal, making it even more exciting for the buyers. So, being able to make the packaging look appealing is like adding a cherry on top of the photo skills you already have.

Now we are done with the mere basics of product photography but there’s one more element that comes into the game and plays a major role, and that is Brand Photography. So, before hopping in let’s see what branding is and how brand photography plays an important role.

Branding is often considered the logo of a company, its colors, and its tagline. But No, it is not just about logos and colours. It’s like the unique style that makes your business stand out. And guess what? Pictures are a big part of it! This is where brand photography comes into play.

What is Brand Photography?

Brand photography is like having a bunch of super cool pictures that show off your business in the best way. These pictures match your business style, using the right colours, mood, props, and more. It’s not just about you or your team; it’s about everything that makes your business special – your products, how you do things, your workspace, and more.

You might have had a fancy headshot for your LinkedIn or website, and that’s cool, but brand photography is like the whole picture package. It’s not just one piece; it’s a collection of awesome, consistent photos. 

These photos keep your business looking amazing in all your ads, websites, and everything else. It’s like making sure your business always looks top-notch and super professional. Want your brand to shine? Get some awesome brand photography, and you’re good to go!

Why Brand Photography is Important

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Making A Brand Friendly and Real

Brand photography is a game-changer. Did you know that a whopping 82% of consumers trust a company more if they see the people behind it on social media? And, get this, 77% are more likely to buy from a company that showcases its human side. It’s not just about social media – it’s about creating connections, letting people relate to your brand, and putting a friendly face to a company.

Presenting a human face on behalf of a company opens up the door for potential clients. The customers get to see who they might be working with, catch a sneak peek into the brand’s process, and picture themselves being part of the awesome experience. 

Photos with humans make the products and services real, turning them from abstract ideas into something solid, doable, and desirable.

It Also Helps in Increasing Engagement

But that’s not all. Brand photography also cranks up engagement. Visual content is the magic wand, and here’s the proof: 65% of marketing execs swear by photos, videos, and illustrations for brand storytelling; Facebook posts with images grab a whopping 87% of all engagements; B2B marketers prioritize visual assets big time; tweets with images get 150% more retweets; articles with regular images score double the social media shares; and Facebook posts with images rock 2.3 times more engagement. These are not just numbers; they’re the real deal.

So, the bottom line is every brand needs images. Not just any images but good quality, on-brand images that make the audience stop, look, and engage. It’s like giving a brand the power to speak volumes without saying a word. And it is in the hands of a product photographer to do it!

Consistency Matters

Consistency is the secret sauce, and photography is the key ingredient that enhances brand uniformity. Even if a brand has nailed its logo, colours, and fonts, if its photos don’t match, it’s a bit of an issue. The real magic happens when all the visual elements of a brand team up smoothly, ensuring that the brand is consistent and trustable. 

Brands that keep things consistent are the real big guns– they’re 3 to 4 times more likely to shine brightly, catching everyone’s eye. Here’s a fun fact: 90% of consumers expect a consistent experience across all channels and devices when they interact with brands. And that’s why a product photographer must know all the basics of brand photography too so that when you deliver your photos to the clients, they speak more than a thousand words and in a consistent manner.


Product photography is the superhero of online shopping. It’s not just taking pictures; it’s making things look so good that people want to buy them. From showing small details to creating cool vibes, it’s a fun creative journey. 

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Product photography is taking pictures of things you want to sell. It’s like showing off a cool gadget or stylish shoes online to make people excited about buying them.

There are different styles: individual shots (one thing at a time), group shots (lots of things together), lifestyle shots (things in action), and scale shots (showing size). Each style helps sell products in its own way.

Brand photography is having pictures that represent your business. These photos show your style, colours, and vibe. It’s like introducing your brand to the world through awesome visuals.

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