4 Best Camera Lenses For Product Photography In 2024

4 Best Camera Lenses For Product Photography In 2024​

Hey there! So you’re diving into the world of product photography lenses, huh? It can feel like there are a million choices out there, making it tough to figure out where to even begin. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

Now, let’s talk about what makes a lens great for snapping product pics:

How To Choose The Best Camera Lens For Product Photography?

How To Choose The Best Camera Lens For Product Photography?​

Wide Aperture

You want your product to be the shining star of the show, right? Well, a wide aperture can help you make that happen. A wider aperture (think around f/1.8 to f/2.8) lets you blur out the background, making your product stand out. It’s all about that beautiful bokeh effect!

Focal Length

Aim for a focal length between 50 to 100mm. This range ensures your images look natural and lifelike. Going too wide can distort your products, but don’t worry, you can still play around with different shots within this range to get creative!

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Auto Focus

While searching for the best camera lens for product photography, it’s important that the lens can focus quickly and accurately all by itself. This not only saves time during your product photo shoot but also prevents the need for reshooting because of blurry images.

Minimum Focusing Distance

Check for a lens that can focus really close to your product. The closer it can focus, the more you can play around with taking close-up shots of your products, almost like using a magnifying glass. Shoot for a distance of about one to two feet for the best results.

4 Best Camera Lenses For Product Photography

Today, we are going to talk about four lenses that are great for product photography, and we’ll share our personal favourite with you.

1. 50mm f/1.4 Lens

50mm f/1.4 Lens

First up in finding the best camera lens for product photography, we have the 50mm f/1.4 lens. While not everyone will tell you to choose 50mm for product photography but it’s surely one of our favorites. It’s a solid choice, especially considering its affordability. Also, it’s the cheapest option on our list too.

Now, why consider the 50mm f/1.4? Well, besides being a decently sharp lens for product photography, it’s also great for portrait shots. Plus, it’s lightweight and versatile, making it also good for those photographers who travel to factories to different studios to click pictures. It strikes a nice balance between not being too wide or too tight, giving you flexibility in various shooting scenarios.

The 50mm prime lens is pretty versatile, in our opinion. However, let’s say you’re working in a small room with a crop sensor camera. In that case, the 50mm might actually be your best bet!

Now, let’s break down the pros and cons of the 50mm lens for product photography:

Affordable price
Ideal for small spaces and crop sensor cameras

Distortion due to its focal length

2. The 85mm f/1.4 or f/1.8

The 85mm f/1.4 or f/1.8

Next in the search for the best camera lens for product photography, we have the 85mm lens. It is fantastic for product photography because it has minimal distortion and delivers sharp images, especially at lower apertures.

But here’s the thing: Longer lenses like the 85mm require more space to shoot your products, especially if they’re on the larger side. If you’re using a full-frame camera, space probably won’t be an issue, but it’s still something to keep in mind.

Now, let’s talk about price. You can get the 85mm lens for around $400 if you go for the f/1.8 version or around $1600 for the f/1.4 version. Don’t worry if you’re on a budget— we use the f/1.8 myself and still capture incredible shots with it.

Minimal distortion
Beautiful bokeh
Affordable price for the f/1.8 version

It might feel a bit tight if you’re shooting with a crop sensor camera or in small spaces

3. The 90mm f/2.8 Macro

The 90mm f/2.8 Macro

Let’s dive into the 90mm f/2.8, macro camera lens – a game-changer for product photography!

So, we don’t personally have this lens, but let me tell you, it’s something special. The 90mm f/2.8 is super versatile. It’s perfect for capturing all sorts of products, whether they’re big or small, and it’ll give you those crisp, stunning shots you’re after.

Now, onto the not-so-great stuff. This lens doesn’t come cheap. Plus, it’s a bit on the heavy side, so keep that in mind if you’re all about lightweight gear.

Works for all kinds of products and settings
Gets sharp shots, even when the light’s not perfect

Costs pretty much
A bit heavier than some other options

Overall, if you’re serious about your product photos and don’t mind shelling out a bit extra, the 90mm/f2.7 lens could be just what you need to take your photography to the next level.

4. 100mm f/2.8

100mm f/2.8

Let’s talk about the 100mm f/2.8 macro lens, which is truly exceptional for capturing intricate details. Whether you’re photographing larger items or tiny jewellery like rings, this lens ensures every little detail shines through in your photos.

What’s truly remarkable about this lens in product photography is how close you can get to your subject with this lens—just about 15cm away! Its macro function is outstanding for shooting small items, capturing even the tiniest features with incredible clarity.

However, here’s something to consider: If you’re using a crop sensor camera or have limited space to shoot, you might find it challenging to fit your subject into the frame with this lens. Additionally, if you’re someone who wants versatility in your photography, this might not be the best choice. This lens is more specialized for close-up shots, so if you’re looking to shoot a variety of subjects like portraits or landscapes, you might want to explore other options.

Incredibly sharp images
Ability to shoot from very close to your subject, capturing stunning details
No image distortion

Not as fast as other lenses mentioned, depending on the focal distance
Limited versatility due to focal length
Higher price tag

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Here’s an important tip: If you’re considering a zoom lens like the 90mm f/2.8 or the 70-200mm f/2.8, make sure you invest in a high-quality one. Choosing a cheaper zoom lens might result in a loss of sharpness when shooting at lower apertures like f/8 to f/16, which are commonly used in product photography, depending on the product you’re shooting.

So, if you’re not keen on getting a zoom lens but still want top-notch product photos, you might want to go for a prime lens like the 50mm, 85mm, or 100mm macro. These lenses offer excellent quality without breaking the bank.

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The best lens for product photography depends on your needs and budget, but prime lenses like the 50mm, 85mm, and 100mm macro are popular choices.

Prime lenses and some zoom lenses, like the 90mm f/2.8 and 70-200mm f/2.8, are commonly used for product photography.

Yes, a 50mm lens can be good for product photography, especially for small products or tight spaces, but longer focal lengths may offer less distortion.

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