How To Charge For Product Photography

How To Charge For Product Photography

The well-known question of the new photographers is always ‘how to price product photography’ (obviously after how to do product photography).

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So, when it comes to Pricing for your product photography, the charges can vary. If you’re just starting, a new photographer generally charges around Rs 300 to Rs 1000 per hour. But if you are someone with more experience, you might want to charge between Rs 1000 to Rs 5000 per hour. Keep in mind, that these numbers can change based on how much experience you have.

For each product, the cost can range from Rs 300 to Rs 1500 on average. And here’s an interesting fact: nice pictures and videos can make about 75% of people decide to buy something.

But to get those great results, brands need a professional photographer. So, let’s see in depth how to charge for product photography.

Let’s break it down,

Pricing Your Product Photography

When we started the search with the question, how to price product photography, we found that on average, a product photographer charges between Rs 300 to Rs 5000 per hour or Rs 150 to Rs 4000 per image. The actual price can depend on a few things,

Here are the main things that can affect the cost:

Here are the main things that can affect the cost

Photographer’s Experience: The more experience you have, the more you can charge.

Type of Photography:
Whether it’s simple shots, Amazon-style photos, or lifestyle shots can affect the price.

Client’s Pricing Needs:
If the client wants to pay per image, per hour, or per day can also change the cost.

We’ll take a deeper look at each one of those in detail below.

Let’s first see how product photography pricing varies based on the client’s requirements.

Per Day Pricing

1. Per Day Pricing

When the client wants to get a better idea about how much they are investing in your time, they choose to pay per day.
Generally, the product photographers in the industry charge somewhere between Rs 3000 to 4,00,000.

2. Per Image Pricing

While answering how to charge for product photography, this is one of the most chosen ways. Pricing per image is charged by the number of images the client needs. Remember, the client might need more than one photo per product to showcase it well. Then the cost per image can vary, starting from Rs 150 and going up to over Rs 4000. On average, you can charge around Rs 450 to Rs 5000 per image.

3. Per Hour Pricing

If you prefer to charge by the hour, it could be between Rs 300 to Rs 3000 But this can be tricky. As no one knows how long a project will take, and then the client resists paying if it starts to take too much time. It can be especially challenging if there’s a spending limit on the project from the client’s side.

4. Per Product Pricing

This method works well when the client has similar products. You can estimate the time and effort more accurately, using the same techniques and equipment. Usually, the more products the client has, the less they pay per product. On average, per-product rates can range from Rs 300 to Rs 2500.

How To Price Product Photography

Deciding how much to charge for your product photography is a very important factor in running a successful photography business or even working as a freelancer. Your pricing should reflect your skills, experience, and the value you provide to clients. Let’s break it down based on your experience level:

1. Hobbyists and Beginners

Hobbyists and Beginner

If you’re just starting your journey in product photography, it’s common to charge between Rs 300 and Rs 1200 per product image or around Rs 2000 per hour. This pricing is suitable for clients who might be working with a limited budget. However, it’s important to note that at this stage, the quality of your work might be considered average. This can be a great entry point to gain exposure and build your portfolio.

2. Amateur Photographers

Amateur Photographers
As you gain some experience without formal education, you could set your rate around Rs 300 per image or approximately Rs 1000 per hour. This represents a step up in terms of skills and expertise. Clients might be willing to pay a bit more for improved quality and a more polished final product.

3. Senior or Semi-Professionals

Senior or Semi-Professionals
When we asked how to price product photography to senior or semi-professionals, or simply those with more experience but not yet full-time professionals, the average price was an hourly rate of Rs 2500. This level of pricing reflects a balance between affordability for clients and fair compensation for your skills. It’s especially fitting if you’re working as a part-time photographer while building your portfolio.

4. Expert Product Photographers

Expert Product Photographers

If you’ve reached a stage where you are a seasoned full-time product photographer with extensive experience and a solid educational background, you could consider charging more than Rs 700 per image or up to Rs 5000 per hour. At this level, clients expect top-notch quality and expertise. Your pricing should reflect the value you bring to their projects.

Remember, clients are seeking product photography expertise. Your focus is on showcasing products effectively. An amateur with specific product photography experience may be a better fit than a semi-professional without such expertise.

Consider your budget, skills, and goals when determining your pricing. If you offer additional services like photo editing, ensure to include these costs in your overall pricing structure.

Understanding your worth and the value you bring to clients will guide you in setting reasonable prices for your product photography services, ensuring both your success and the satisfaction of your clients. By now might have an idea of how to charge for product photography. Now, let’s look how can you charge for e-commerce photography.

How Much To Charge for E-commerce Photography

When it comes to charging your e-commerce photography services, it’s essential to consider the type of photography you offer.

Plain White Background Product Photography

The most common type of e-commerce photography involves capturing products on a plain white background. As a photographer, you might charge around Rs 250 per image. However, remember that your experience and expertise can influence this rate.

Additionally, the total cost may vary based on the number of images required. Generally, the more images a client needs, the lower the cost per image.

Lifestyle Product Photography

Lifestyle product photography is a bit more involved. It goes beyond showcasing the product; it creates a complete environment that connects with potential customers. This type often includes sets, models, and props, adding to your overall expenses.

Considering the additional elements, pricing for lifestyle product photography is higher compared to the straightforward white background approach. A single session of lifestyle product photography might range from Rs 7000 to Rs 50000 per day. This cost covers not only your time and skills but also the expenses associated with creating a beautiful environment for the product.

Additional Charges in Product Photography

In the search for the answer for how to charge for product photography, next is the additional charges in product photography. When you’re in the business of product photography, it’s not just about snapping pictures. There are additional charges and considerations that can impact your overall project budget. Let’s break down these elements to ensure you’re prepared:

1. Photo Editing and Post-Processing

Confirm whether the required edits will be included in your fee. Some photographers do offer this service as part of the package, while some charge extra for extensive editing.

2. Reshoots

Mistakes happen, and sometimes a reshoot is necessary. Finalise the rates and fees associated with reshoots, whether due to errors, external circumstances, or client’s personal preferences.

3. Photo Stylist and Props

Depending on the complexity of the shoot, you might need a stylist and additional props. Factor in these costs for a comprehensive budget.

4. Models and Talent

If the product requires models, influencers, or even trained animals, confirm talent fees with the client. This is an important aspect, especially for lifestyle or fashion-oriented product photography.

5. Set or Studio Needs

Studio rentals involve expenses for sets, deposits, cleaning, maintenance, backdrops, lighting, etc. Understand the studio requirements and associated costs, as these can significantly impact your pricing.

6. Rush Fees

Confirm the standard turnaround time for product photos and also create an option for rush delivery. Rush fees may apply for quicker delivery.

7. File Types

Finalise how the final files will be delivered. If you want to charge for special file format requests, such as high-resolution master .TIF files, confirm that beforehand too.


In this blog, we tried to answer how to price product photography by highlighting the diverse factors impacting product photography costs, including service provider differences, charging methods, and additional expenses. If you want to learn more in-depth, you can watch here: Pricing your photography

As you start your project, understand and finalise everything that goes into the charging for product photography.

If you have any thoughts or questions about how to charge for product photography, please feel free to leave a comment; we will be more than happy to help.

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